VPS Alarm & Automation

VPS Alarm & Automation

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Keep Your Valuables Safe

Monitor who goes in and out of your property with the help of VPS Alarm & Automation in Sacramento, California. We offer the best security systems for commercial property owners in the area.

Additionally, we service burglar alarms, CCTV cameras, and automated access control systems. Whether you need someone to check, repair, or upgrade your current system, we are the expert to extend a hand. You can also turn to us for Video Assessment Security System (VASS) Compliancy assistance. We are familiar with local municipalities’ requirements for business owners.

What Is a Surveillance System Installation?

Imagine being anywhere in Sacramento and having eyes in the back of your head or ears that hear what others do not. What if you could see through walls or see in the dark? Imagine being able to do it without anyone noticing. It wouldn’t make you a super hero; it would just mean that you were intelligent enough to invest in a surveillance system in Sacramento.

If you live in Sacramento and have invested in a camera system, you’re ahead of the curve and are already recording, saving, and remembering anything and everything that happens in or around your home or business. When you install one of our surveillance systems, you will have taken one of the first steps in protecting your way of life. By integrating a security system with surveillance equipment, you will maximize your defense against those that would try to threaten your security.